Speed Dating Review: ‘We Click’, Melbourne

Review Stats:
Clientele: 4.5/5 (I walked away from this event feeling like I’d made a huge new group of friends. PLUS, we all witnessed one couple hook up afterwards so…success!).
Host: 5/5 (Couldn’t fault him; in addition to hosting duties he doubled as an “emergency wingman” on standby in case any of the dates wanted intervention! I don’t think anyone needed this, but it was good to know the service was there!).
Venue: 4/5 (A cosy bar off Flinders Lane. The Danish-themed finger food was exciting. Unfortunately, the speakers weren’t working so our background music was provided by the host’s phone in a glass- with a sound radius of about half a metre).
Overall: 4.5/5 (Tickets are well worth it, for $32 a pop- I think that’s cheaper than rival companies. The feel of the whole event was super relaxed and the attendees were easy to get along with. I LOVED that there was the option for matches to contact you on Facebook or Instagram, if we didn’t want to hand out our numbers. One area of improvement could be some encouragement of pre-event mingling, because it felt a little awkward right at the start).

It’s occurred to me that I’ve attended enough speed dating events now to pick up on the formula by which these nights run. The stages are as follows: 1. Pre-event mingling; 2. Explanation of rules; 3. Now speed-dating begins; 4. Intermission; 5. Speed-dating re-commences; 6. End speed dating; 7. Score cards.

To help you remember the stages, they form the acronym PENISES.  With that in mind, We Click is probably my favourite speed dating event that I’ve been to in Melbourne. There, I said it. One of the reasons is that the party continued after the speed-dating finished, adding another stage to my formula (8. Afterparty), but totally ruining my clever acronym (PENISESA).

I arrived late to this one- whoops. When I texted the host I blamed the trains, but actually the real culprit was my dog, who enjoys two recreational activities: eating his own poo, and trying to lick my face. To make a brief non-story even briefer, I was late because I wanted to wash my face.

But I digress.

My arrival was met by an expectant bar full of people, who had been waiting for the hacks such as myself who couldn’t get their act together on time. The Pre-event mingling between the sexes was pretty much non-existent; the girls in particular seemed to all have arrived in groups and had an air of cliquey-ness about them. It was pretty funny observing the way everyone was trying to suss out the talent without making eye contact before the ‘official’ introductions. Possibly adding to the atmosphere was the fact that there was no music due to a faulty speaker at the venue. Well, that’s what I thought, until I walked up to the bar and realised the host had put a playlist on speakerphone and stuck it in a glass on the table. Shortly after that, he told us all how the night would roll out and offered his services as an Emergency ‘Out’ if anyone wanted to escape any awkward conversations.

The girls all then went to their respective tables and the speed dating began!

My first match was actually a guy I’d met at another event I’ve been to before. He’d been pretty eccentric on the first occasion and appeared to have upped his intensity this time around. He explained to me on no uncertain terms that he was looking for a “Woman, not a Girl” and that he considered himself to be a “Man, not a Boy”, where ‘Man’ is defined as “someone who can take responsibility” and ‘Woman’ is “someone who is not silly”. The bell signalling our 6 minutes went off before I ever got the chance to ask how I could ever progress from ‘Girl’ to ‘Woman’. Argh, clearly I’m doomed.

The half-time finger foods consisted of ‘Danish-inspired’ goodies like rolled up bits of smoked salmon and quinoa salad- stuff that actually can only really be eaten with knives and forks, so it was pretty much next level. I also had a genius idea that if bread had been served we could’ve made our own smørrebrød (Danish sandwiches- I know I sound like a well-travelled wanker), which is, like, as Danish as food can get! Plus then it could’ve been described as a legitimate meal and my tummy would’ve been super happy.

I really liked the clientele that attended this event, generally, the guys seemed more chilled than other events I’ve been to. Typically, guys who attend speed dating tend to be somewhat nerdy, intense and super nervous. Around 2 guys fit into this category that night, oh, and one guy absolutely STANK so I can’t remember anything about his actual personality. But, 10 out of 12 guys who were real easy to get along with is a pretty great hit rate, in my opinion. Especially as this was the was first time speed dating for most of them (minus the ‘MAN’ at the start, of course). Quite a lot of the guys also attended with their friends, which I think worked wonders for the relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Oh, I just need to talk about one of the great features of We Click! Typical speed dating requires you to provide your phone number, with the idea being that all your matches will receive it after the event. Cue awkward texts, not remembering faces to names and ghosting situations. For this event, participants can choose what contact information is shared- this allows you to choose, say, Facebook as your main communication method which opens up the opportunity to do a nice bit of stalking before deciding if you actually want to meet up, or just got caught up in the moment with your silly Girlish enthusiasm.

Rather than leaving us to our own devices after the event, the host facilitated a small afterparty at Asian Beer Café, which was an excellent way to end the night. Also, it was at this point that one couple from our speed dating group hooked up- so we know there was at least one successful match that night! If you’re new to speed dating I’d happily recommend We Click as a fun way to meet a whole lot of great people.

For more details of their Speed Dating and other upcoming events, visit We Click.



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